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About OY Beautiful

OY BEAUTIFUL is a jewelry boutique with a unique purpose. We provide quality fashion jewelry and encouragement that makes an outward and inward statement.

OY BEAUTIFUL was created in 2016 by Christina Robertson from a few things she simply loves: Jewelry, encouragement and calling every woman she meets "Beautiful".

OY BEAUTIFUL is to encourage every woman and girl to own the total beauty of who they are. To own their purpose, their dreams, their scars and their beautiful story.

Each piece at OY BEAUTIFUL is simply a small representation of the beauty each woman possesses. Each purchase comes with two personalized cards of encouragement to Own Your Beautiful. Because sometimes it's easy to simply buy something and own it instead of fully owning who we are as beautiful women.

Why two cards? We call it the Beauty  "Pass it on" challenge. One card is for you to keep and one to give away to a friend, family member, or stranger. OWN YOUR beautiful and pass it on!


Christina Robertson, OY Beautiful Founder and Owner"Never stop owning your beautiful."
Christina Robertson, OY Beautiful Owner